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Umělci a vystoupení - agentura Armiger QUESTION 14An administrator enables Persona Management for a desktop pool and leaves the universal naming convention (UNC) path blank in the session variable Persona Repository Location. What is the likely outcome? A. The User Profile will not be created. B. The User Profile will be created but when users log on again their files will not be available. C. The User Profile Path in Active Directory will be used. D. The User Profile Path will default to the local My Documents. Correct Answer: CQUESTION 15 Which two settings are required to prevent RDP access to a group of View desktops? (Choose two.) A. Disable AllowDirectRDP. B. Enable AllowDirectRDP. C. Select the Pool Settings tab and select PCoIP as the default display protocol. D. Select the Pool Settings tab and disable RDP as a possible display protocol. Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 16 A View environment includes a View Connection Server and View Security Server. The View Connection Server has the following configuration: DNS Name: IP Address: The View Security Server has the following configuration: DNS Name: IP Address: An administrator needs to set up View to allow external access for users via PCoIP. Which option represents the format in which information must be entered into the PCoIP External URL field in View Administrator? A. B. C. D. Correct Answer: C pass4itsure PMP QUESTION 17 An administrator is configuring RADIUS authentication for a View implementation and enters the RADIUS server host name into the View Administrator console. Which additional information must be entered into View Administrator to properly configure RADIUS? A. Port number, authentication type, and shared secret B. DNS server, port number, and shared secret C. Authentication type, shared secret, and public key D. Public key, authentication type, and shared secret Correct Answer: A QUESTION 18An administrator is creating a pool of desktops for a group of developers. The administrator needs to provide control to a user from the group to manage the recompose and refresh operations. The user's controls must apply only to the developer pool. What should the administrator do? A. Create a developer folder, add the developer pool, and assign a user with the Inventory Administrators role to the folder. B. Create the developer pool and assign the Manage Desktops global privilege to the virtual desktops. C. Create the developer pool and assign the Inventory Control global privilege to the virtual desktops. D. Create a developer folder, add the desktops, and assign a user with the Manage Desktops role to the folder. Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19 An administrator has completed upgrading the View pods in two datacenters to Horizon 6. To facilitate the new Continuity of Operations initiative, the administrator needs to implement global entitlements via the new Cloud Pod Architecture. Which capability of the administrator's current environment is incompatible with Cloud Pod Architecture? A. Dedicated Full Clone Pools B. HTML Access C. ThinApp Entitlements D. Persona Management Correct Answer: B 70-534 dumps Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions CertificationQUESTION 20 An administrator is creating a new Automated Linked-Clone desktop pool. The administrator has also created a new parent virtual machine and has installed the View Agent. Which additional step must be taken before the desktop is prepared for use in a Linked-Clone pool? A. Restart the virtual machine and clone to template. B. Power off the virtual machine and take a snapshot. C. Enable provisioning in View Administrator. D. Enable provisioning in View Composer. Correct Answer: B 70-532 dumps pass4itsure EX200 QUESTION 21 An administrator is over committing storage in an attempt to more efficiently use the available capacity. The administrator needs to ensure that linked-clones are evenly distributed across available datastores. Which feature of View should the administrator use? A. Storage DRS B. Storage vMotion C. Rebalance D. View Storage Accelerator Correct Answer: C 1Z0-803 dumps QUESTION 22 An administrator is planning a Floating Linked-Clone desktop pool using local solid state drives. A stateless configuration is suitable for this group of users.Local solid state drive capacity is limited. The administrator plans to use the storage tiring capabilities of View Composer to place the Linked-Clones on shared storage and place only the Replica on local disk. Why will the administrator be prevented from using this configuration? A. Storage tiring is supported only when using Full Clone desktops. B. Replica and Linked-Clone disks must reside on the same datastore when using local disks. C. Replica disks must always reside on shared storage for Linked-Clone pools. D. Storage tiring is supported only for Dedicated Assignment Linked-Clone desktops. Correct Answer: B pass4itsure HP0-S42 QUESTION 23 Which two requirements must be met to enable use of the View Composer Array Integration feature? (Choose two.) A. A Full-Clone Desktop Pool B. A Linked-Clone Desktop Pool C. An NFS Array D. A VMFS Array Correct Answer: BC 70-461 dumps HP HP0-S41 Dumps | HP0-S41 dumps Exam Questions - Free Try QUESTION 24 Which storage component is considered only when calculating capacity for a Linked Clone? A. Growth B. .vswp C. Overhead D. User Data Correct Answer: A N10-006 dumps EX300 dumps QUESTION 25 An administrator experiences a system failure on the vCenter Server during a Linked-Clone recompose operation. Which two methods should the administrator use to resolve the unsuccessful recompose operation? (Choose two.) A. Select a new snapshot and then recompose once more. B. Delete the failed snapshot and then recompose once more. C. Delete the failed snapshot, create a new snapshot, and then recompose once more. D. Select the snapshot that was used in the last successful recomposition and then recompose once more. Correct Answer: AD 1Z0-434 exam - test exam - convert vce to pdf 2V0-620 QUESTION 26 An administrator is performing the post-installation configuration of Workspace Portal. While running the setup wizard, the administrator receives an error message. The error message appears during configuration of the Directory settings and indicates that the user account cannot be found. The administrator has confirmed the following: The user account exists in Active Directory. The user account has all of the required attributes. What is causing the error?A. The user account is located below the Base DN. B. The user account has not been entered into the Global Catalog. C. The user account is located above the Base DN. D. The user account name is too long. Correct Answer: C E05-001 QUESTION 27 An administrator is configuring Kiosk mode in View. The administrator completes the following tasks: Verifies that clients on the Windows machines that are being used can connect with a normal username and password. Creates accounts with appropriate Active Directory attributes for the machines that will operate as kiosks. When the clients are tested, they do not automatically log in after connecting to the Connection Server. What is causing this issue? A. The Kiosk mode user account was not added to the Connection Server to which the client is connecting. B. The Connection Server to which the client is connecting has not been enabled for Kiosk mode clients. C. The Kiosk mode user account was created in the wrong Organizational Unit. D. The View Client machine has not been enabled for Kiosk mode using the client registry settings. Correct Answer: B JN0-360 QUESTION 28 An organization has deployed a View environment. Users need to connect USB devices to their View sessions. All client endpoints are Windows 7 thin clients. A firewall is in place through which all network traffic flows. All Windows patches are up to date on guest virtual machines and endpoints. Users report that USB devices are not connecting to the View sessions when they are plugged in to the thin clients. What are two reasons that could cause this behavior? (Choose two.) A. TCP port 9427 is closed on the firewall. B. TCP port 32111 is closed on the firewall. C. Windows Mobile Device Center is preventing USB redirection. D. USB redirection drivers on the guest virtual machine are missing or disabled. Correct Answer: BD

Umělci a vystoupení

Armiger > Umělci a vystoupení

umělci úvodChcete oživit vaše městské slavnosti, akce pro děti nebo i další eventy netradičním vystoupením?

Nebo hledáte zajímavé divadelní představení pro děti i dospělé?

Umělci a vystoupení agentury Armiger jsou vám k dispozici.



  • Naši umělci a vystoupení, která nabízí, jsou opravdu velice rozmanitá
  • Můžete zhlédnout divadelní představení
  • Nechte se bavit dobovými vystoupeními
  • Adrenalin vám stoupne při akrobatických a fakírských vystoupeních
  • Pokud nechcete jen nečinně přihlížet, vyzkoušejte dobové tance
  • Rádi se o sebe bojíte? Vydejte se katovi

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Divadelní představení

Divadelní představení si můžete vybrat z naší nastudované nabídky nebo vám na zakázku zpracujeme vlastní inscenaci. Může se vztahovat ke konkrétní události, osobě nebo místu. Stačí nám sdělit požadavky a my pro vás vytvoříme kulturní zážitek na míru.

divadlo   divadlo s koňmi

Zhlédnout můžete i tradiční pouliční divadlo, loutkové představení nebo unikátní divadlo na chůdách.


Rádi sledujete výkony ostatních, ale divadlo není to pravé? Objednejte si vystoupení našich dalších umělců. Naši umělci a vystoupení, která nabízí, vás rozhodně budou bavit. Některá vystoupení mají určité technické nároky, i s tím vám umíme pomoci. Nabízíme kvalitní ozvučení akcí, případně pro pozvednutí úrovně vaší akce její moderování.

Dobová vystoupení

Pokud chcete, aby i vystoupení umělců ladilo s dobovým pojetí vaší akce, doporučujeme vystoupení kejklířů, mušketýrské gardy, která vás nechá nahlédnout do svého výcvikového programu, praporečnicko-bubenickou show nebo alchymistu. Ten vám ukáže míchání lektvarů a třeba pro vás vyrobí i zlato.

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Zapojení diváků

Chcete svým návštěvníkům dopřát i jejich pět minut slávy? Zapojte je do vystoupení. Některá se přímo nabízí.


Není snad jediný kouzelník, který by si nepůjčoval drobné od diváků nebo někoho z hlediště nechtěl třeba přepůlit. Ani naši kouzelníci nejsou výjimkou.

Kontaktní formulář.cz


Naučte sebe i své hosty tančit jako v antice, gotice či renesanci. Naši zkušení tanečníci vám předvedou jak na to a pak vás to i naučí. 

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Mistr kat

katovské řemeslopalečniceTady už jde o život.

Kat na vás bude předvádět různé mučící nástroje, právo útrpné a třeba z vás udělá i čarodějnici, jen aby ostatním divákům ukázal, jaké se používali způsoby poprav.

Ale nebojte, nezkřiví vám ani vlásek, možná je pocuchá nervy.



Naši umělci a vystoupení, která mají v repertoáru, ozvláštní každou příležitost!

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